February Desktop Calendar

February Calendar is here! Open a little envelope of love for this month.

Want to know how to get the Glitter effect on your Illustrator design? Yet another awesome How-To from Nicole’s Classes.

First, find a free download or purchase an image of glitter (I got mine from Creative Market for a whopping $3 for eight different 12×12 glitter pages).

Second, open the file in Photoshop, and make it into a manageable size. I did a small 2″x2″ square at 150dpi saved as a jpg.

Third, Place the glitter file into Illustrator and EMBED it (in the control panel, it will give you the “embed” option as long as you have the image selected).

Fourth, after the image is embeded, drag it into your swatches palette. And now you can apply the glitter to anything you would use another swatch for in Illustrator!

To download to your computer, simply click on the image below, and save the large image to your computer. Then set it as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!


February Desktop Calendar


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