Font Love: Bombshell Pro

I recently purchased my new favorite font! I am in LOVE with Bombshell Pro by Emily Lime. I’ve been wanting to buy it for sometime now and finally gave into the urge… it was love at first site. Emily describes it perfectly “Bombshell Pro is a passionate hand-calligraphy font that includes long connections between letters so you can create beautiful headings or signature looks.” I swoon for beautifully hand crafted fonts and she nails it each time. I already own and love her fonts Peoni Pro, Carolyna Pro Black, and Jacques & Gilles. My head is spinning with design ideas that use Bombshell, now to see where they take me…

Bombshell Pro


12 thoughts on “Font Love: Bombshell Pro

    • Hi Lisa! I LOVE this font! To add a swash to the beginning and the end of lowercase letters type == before and ++ after the word, for example, ==love++ will give you love with a swash before and after. The more == and ++ you add the longer the lines get. The fonts takes a little practice to get the words to flow nicely together too. You can look through the glyphs and change them as needed (there is plenty to pick from). Give it a try and let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Amy & Elizabeth! The only way I know to create the “no lift” is to use the glyphs panel in Illustrator and InDesign. I’ve tired researching for an easier way, but can’t find one. I tend to write my words out in one sentence, then go back and highlight the spaces that need the “no lift”, then choose the right letters through the glyphs.

  1. I just purchased this font for wedding details and I LOVE IT! But I’m still trying to figure out how to use it as well. How do I get the words to connect like that in the middle? in between the happy and the birthday?

  2. can you help me figure out how to connect the words or use the “no-lift” feature of this font? I’m desperate! (I’m trying to use this font in Word).
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Melanie! It’s a little trickier with Word and I can’t even figure it out (I use a Mac and just don’t see this option on my version) but after a little research, I think you can do it by prompting Word to open something similar to a glyphs panel:

      Apply OpenType features
      -On the Home tab, click the Font Dialog Box Launcher
      -Click the Advanced tab.
      -Under OpenType Features, select the options that you want.

      I tend to write my words out in one sentence, then go back and highlight the spaces that need the “no lift”, then choose the right letters through the glyphs, you’ll have to play with it a little as I can’t figure it out in my version of word.

      You can refer to this link that I found, and hopefully it will help solve your problem:

      Let me know if you have any other questions! Good Luck!

      • Hello Jessi, thank-you so very much for sharing these tips regarding Bombshell Pro. I also fell in love with this font and couldn’t resist purchasing it, however without having Illustrator or In-Design, I was quite disappointed in not being able to utilize any of the font’s special features. With your explanations, I can now get 3 out of the 4 features on my Mac using word.

        Once in Word, go to ‘Format’ and choose ‘Font’ from drop down menu. Choose ‘Advance’ and by looking at the options in the ‘Advanced Typography’, you will see a few options you can change from their ‘default’ choice. The ‘Preview’ bar at the bottom, should show you the changes, otherwise, have a word page open with Bombshell Pro in use for a better visual of what happens. In ‘Ligatures’, choose ‘Standard & Contextual’ for the SWASHES at the beginning and end of the words to work. This will also get the SPECIAL LIGATURES (aa, tt, etc.) to work. If you choose ‘Historical & Discretionary’, then the ‘NON-LIFT’ feature works! If you choose ‘All’ then you get to do as you’ve done with the above examples (happy birthday). (Don’t forget to ‘save’ your choices) Sadly, I haven’t been able to discover how to access the alternate endings or beginnings of letters. Perhaps that is not possible without the Adobe software.

        Nevertheless, I am to play around with the font now and to use most of the features I fell in love with. Once again, vielen dank and merci.

      • Thank you for the wonderful tips!! I’m so happy you were able to fall in love as much as I did with this font. You aren’t really missing anything in regards to alternate endings or beginnings, as this font doesn’t have a lot of options in that regard.

  3. Soul Scribbles would you kindly elaborate on the “Historical & Discretionary” tool to achieve the no lift? Once preset correctly should the no lift spacing should automatically occur? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

  4. Hi Jessi I have tried using the == and ++at the beginning and end (in illustrator) and it’s not working for me … boo. What am I do wrong?

    • Hi Dee! I hate to say it but I’m not sure! The only thing I can think of is that you might have your standard ligatures turned off? The way to check is to click Window in the pull down menu at the top, then Type (which should have an arrow and give you more options to click from), then click OpenType. When that panel opens, make sure the fi symbol is clicked, it will have a darker box around it if it is. When I unchecked mine it changed the swashes to what I had typed (so swash was changes to ==) when I clicked it again to turn them back on and the swash came back (your type has to be highlighted to see the changes). See if that works, let me know if you’re still having problems.

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